Torill from Norway

Guided and channeled meditations

Let this voice with the special energy, meet your energy. And just feel..

"You´ve changed my life Torill! Your meditations have been "before and after", absolutely magical. I have now found peace and confidence in a much better life"

Meditation Album

Dear Soul

Get to know your soul - let it flow with it. Open up to what information it gives you, set no expectations


This meditation takes you on a beautiful journey, from the father of your soul, to your life today

The Masks

We all have masks that we have put on over the years. Without being aware of many of them. They have been placed there on the road. What kind of mask do you were? Or are you completely yourself?

Inner Peace

Meet your ancestors and awaken your cells in your DNA, which left you in peace, and understanding of your important task to be here

The Lion of fear

Tame the fear lion, so that you feel your power again

Captain of your own ship

Have you been in port for too long and are afraid of loosening the moorings that set you in motion? This meditation  takes you to the sea again, there new adventures await

"This is the first meditation that has literally transported me into a place of pure serenity, love, kindness, hope, and strength... with that being said I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope you have a beautiful amazing day yourself... Namaste"



Cloudless Sky

Do you have thoughts that control your daily life, that give you stress and negative emotions in your body? Listen to this beautiful practice to harness a light and free mind. This practice draws on the metaphor of a cloudless sky, in which Torill guides us to shift the clouds from our view and invite in the sunshine and joyous contentment available to us from within.

Get better Sleep

The purpose of this track is to help you when you want to get a night of better sleep. Let my voice take you to a place where you can rest - where everything feels good and safe. All you need to do is listen to my voice and just relax. And after that - you can sleep.

The Journey

This is a part of your journey - the layer and the mask. The light and dark. This is you. Go with trust and let the great spirit guide you. Dance in harmony and balance, be grateful for nature and mother earth.

About Torill

Torill from Norway, is a certified meditation teacher, spiritual guide, healer and therapist. She has a background from the big oil company, Statoil, for over 20 years. She experienced being burnt out twice, and the last time she was very ill. She had to take some big steps in her life, quit her job, and eventually got back on her feet.  Torill has a hundreds of testimonials from Norway and abroad on her meditations. She currently has groups, courses, lectures, an online meditation portal in Norway, podcasts, and also visits schools. She is concerned that everyone should take five minutes in their daily lives, take a breather and lower their shoulders, and get their breath in the right place. For a better everyday life, but also to prevent sick leave. Torill is concerned that everyone should be themselves , get in touch with their heart and soul

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